Originally posted on November 25, 2015.

We’ve now been off the pill for almost 15 months.

For the most part, I’m doing okay. I do have my days where it’s hard on me though. The upcoming holidays make it particularly difficult on me. I just keep thinking about how much I’d hoped we’d be sharing the holidays with a new baby or expecting a little one at least.

I had my infertility appointment with the OB-GYN and she said that it seems like I’m ovulating normally and everything seems at first glance to be normal. She is ordering some tests to be done just to make sure. On the 3rd day of my next cycle, I have to go get my hormone levels tested. They’re also going to check out my eggs to see how they look. They also are having J give a sperm sample to check sperm count and motility.

Because this is something I’ve been struggling with, particularly in the context of my faith, I decided to share my struggle with a couple of people in my small group. One of whom is a much older male (think senior citizen). I chose to tell him because he is a real prayer warrior. The way he prays is amazing and I wanted him to pray for me. Last night, I asked him if he’d pray for me. Later, he got out the anointing oil and he, his wife, and the married couple that leads the group all gathered around me and prayed over me. The anointing oil was a first for me. But it was a cool experience and I feel much better about it today. I feel a sense of relief after that. So, we’ll see how God responds…