Originally posted September 21, 2016.

Last week I went for the first round of bloodwork. They looked at my insulin, A1C hemoglobin, and all of that type of stuff. Everything came back normal. The doctor believes that I have a slight resistance to insulin so I will start on Metformin to help with that the beginning of October.

In the meantime, I started my cycle and notified the doc. The office scheduled an appointment for an ultrasound to check my ovaries, uterus, and related lady parts. So, that was today. It wasn’t that bad. The worst part was when she was trying to get a look at my ovaries. My left one was not cooperating and she had great difficulty looking at it in the ultrasound. She was probing me with that freaking wand and it was painful!

After, I finished with the ultrasound, the doctor did an exam and went over the ultrasound pics with me. He told me that (due to my weight) it was difficult to get great detail on the pics to determine egg count but he could get a pretty good idea by testing some hormones and they’ll recheck my eggs as I get closer to ovulation and they grow. So far everything else has come back normal. (Thank you, Jesus!)

J still has to get his test done and I’m starting to wonder if the problem isn’t with him after all. I haven’t yet vocalized my concerns to him. I don’t want this to become a blame game because we are a team in this. So, we’re just waiting to see.

Anyhow, the doctor did prescribe me Clomid in addition to the Metformin. I am supposed to start today. I am excited, but a little nervous. The Clomid is supposed to help with consistent ovulation and also is supposed to encourage multiple eggs to release, thus increasing the likelihood of conception. I’m excited because I feel hopeful it could help, but I’m nervous because I’ve heard these hormones can really screw with your emotions and such.

The plan is for me to take the Clomid the next 5 days or so. Then, next Wednesday, I go for the “HSG” which is where they’ll inject dye into my uterus and take an x-ray to find out if my fallopian tubes have any obstructions. The following day, I’ll start with the ovulation prediction kits and monitor for an LH surge.

So, that’s where we stand… I’m feeling more encouraged than I have felt in a while. I’m starting to think this could really happen… FINALLY. I love the people at the clinic say, “When you get pregnant…” that helps me to also feel more optimistic about this process.

After today, I am mentally preparing myself for the physical pain that may accompany this process. The doctor warned me the next procedure can be a little painful so they’re prescribing me prescription strength ibuprofen to take 30 minutes before the procedure. (Eek!) But no pain, no gain, right?

Until next time…