Originally posted on August 9, 2015.

We’ve been trying to conceive now for 11 months with no progress… BUT, this month, I am feeling like maybe we might have actually been successful.

  1. DH made a comment one day post-roll in the hay and said he wanted us to have sex “like every day” that way we might get preggers. So we have been doing the baby dance a lot more frequently than past months.
  2. A weird thing happened yesterday (CD 28/6 DPO), I felt nauseated after sex. Weird, I know! It was slight and I didn’t vomit. It only lasted maybe a minute, but here’s the thing… that has never happened to me before. At least, not that I can recall!
  3. Then, today, I took my BBT and there was a huge jump in my temp… from 98.17 yesterday to 98.9 today. According to my app, my estimated date of ovulation was August 2nd (CD 22) so I am currently 7 DPO.
  4. While I was at church this morning, I had a moment of being lightheaded. Again, just for a moment.
  5. Today I have been having little bouts of very mild nausea. The first was this morning when I was eating the biscuits and gravy DH made for breakfast. Then, after church and, again, during/after dinner. It’s super mild though. I could just be imagining it. Lol!
So, I am exhibiting some of the early indicators, but I realize… Crap happens! It could also just be a fluke. I’m trying not to get my hopes set on this, but JUST IN CASE I actually am, I wanted to make note of this so I could look back and remember today was the day, I first thought I was pregnant.
I thought about telling Jason, but I don’t want to get his hopes up until I know for sure. The good thing is my cycles are usually 31 or 32 days, so I don’t have much longer to wait before I’ll know. Before entering my BBT yesterday, the projected date for AF was this Wednesday (the 12th), but now it’s been moved to the 17th, which would be CD 36. So, I have NO idea what to expect. If my cycle isn’t here by Friday morning, I think I am going to take a test that morning.  So, we’ll see how things go… Fingers crossed!