Originally posted September 15, 2016.

My appointment with the fertility doctor was yesterday. It was relatively painless… 🙂

He ordered blood work for me and a semen analysis for J.  He said because I’m overweight, he just wants to check some additional hormones, my insulin levels, and blood sugar levels. So, I’m going in for a fasting blood test this morning. Even though, my blood sugar and all of that has never been a problem before, I admit I am a little nervous that it may come back poorly.  We’ll see… The doctor said I don’t have a lot of the symptoms associated with being overweight, but he wants to verify that it’s not lurking underneath the surface, so to speak. They are doing a “rush” on the blood work so if there is anything off or any concerns, they’ll know and I should hear something tomorrow or Monday. So, at least, I won’t have to wait forever to find out.

They also told me that since my period is due any day, I will need to call the clinic and go in while I am still bleeding so they can do an ultrasound and monitor my egg count. They’ll also do an X-ray to see if my fallopian tubes are blocked. Once, they get the results of those initial test, we’ll move forward.

Anyhow, for the first time, I felt really validated in my concerns. He gave us so much information and was so extremely helpful and very kind. Even with the issue of my weight, he was very tactful and not shaming like some doctors are. He did say that even though he doesn’t think the weight is the real issue, he suggests I try to lose a few pounds just to make the pregnancy easier on my body.

So, I plan to go join a gym up the road and also really give my eating habits some attention.

That’s that. I hope to have more direction and answers by the end of next week, but I definitely feel like we’re taking steps in the right direction. I’m hopeful that we can get the answers and (MAYBE) get a positive pregnancy test by Christmas. Fingers crossed.

Until next time…