Originally posted June 17, 2016.

So, my birthday was this week. I’m now 31. It feels weird to say that…

It’s crazy how I always had ideas in my head of where I’d be at 30 or what my life would look like and I feel so far from those visions…
I pictured being married and comfortably established in my marriage with a quaint little home and two or three kids bouncing around the house with a couple of dogs playing in the yard. I NEVER thought I’d be 31 and still not even pregnant. I really thought I’d be done with babies by now. I kind of expected to have my first around 22, my second around 25 or 26, and IF I wanted a 3rd that I’d be 28 or so when it was born. I had a plan.

But… plans change.

My first husband ended up being a complete jerk and was abusive in many ways so, ultimately, I knew he could never be “daddy material” much as I tried to hang in there and wait for him to “grow up” and change, it never happened. I finally left his sorry behind when I was 25. I was already 3 years behind schedule. I met my current husband shortly after leaving the ex and, after 2 years of dating, he put a ring on it and I was over the moon because I knew in my heart he’d be a great husband and an awesome dad someday.

It’s been 3 and a half years since the proposal and just shy of two years since our wedding and I am still waiting for that someday to come.

I do feel pretty helpless sometimes. I also feel pretty angry. I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, I can’t imagine I’m alone in this… I think about how much it was beat into my head as a teenager about “one slip up” is all it takes and you’re pregnant. Especially when that is EXACTLY what happened with my mom! I am a direct result of her losing her virginity. She literally had sex ONCE and got pregnant. Do you have any idea how infuriating that is for someone in my shoes???

I’m not going to lie. Sometimes it feels like I am being punished in some way or like my mom used all of the good fertility genes. I don’t know. I know that sounds ridiculous, but the thought has crossed my mind before.

I also think getting pregnant is WAY more difficult as an adult. There just isn’t enough time or energy sometimes to get the baby-dancing in. (At least for me and hubby!)

Anyhow… so here I am 31. No baby. Even worse, the day before my birthday, my cycle comes. Yay. Thanks a lot, Mother Nature. Can’t catch a break for trying! Lol!

Well, there’s always next month, I guess.

Until Next Time…