Hello, all. Welcome!

I’m Amber and my hubby’s name is Jason (or J) and this blog is all about our infertility journey. Here are some quick stats about my journey to “Mom-dom”:

I’m 31. Hubby is 34. We met in 2011 and cohabitated fairly early in the relationship. He proposed in 2013 and we married in September 2014. Two weeks before the wedding I stopped taking birth control pills which I’d been on for many years.

In January of 2015, we started being more mindful of timing and actively pursued conception.

At the 1 year mark, I made an infertility appointment with the Ob-Gyn, but that didn’t get us anywhere. As we approached the 2 year mark, I met someone who was also in the thick of an infertility battle. She and I became friends and she recommended a specialist.

The day after our 2 year wedding anniversary, I had an HSG performed and the doctor told me my right fallopian tube was “irreparably damaged” and my left wasn’t exactly prime for conception even though it was open. He told me our chances of having a ectopic or tubal pregnancy was very high and he would not recommend pursuing natural means of conception. He told us IVF was our best and safest chance of success and anything else would be either a waste of money or could put me at risk.

That was September 2016.

UPDATE: Since posting this, we were able to confirm with a genetic counselor that J has FAP and BRCA2 genetic mutations. We have opted to move forward with in vitro fertilization (IVF) and utilize the genetic screening (PGS). Consultations have been scheduled for January 2018. We’re planning to start treatment in May or June 2018– after we sell our house.