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Carrying my cross.

Originally posted July 27, 2016. After my last blog, I contacted a Christian counselor. I needed someone to help me navigate the murky waters of infertility and how it's negatively impacting my faith. I also think there are some other... Continue Reading →


Raw nerves.

Originally posted July 15, 2016. So, I was right. Aunt Flo┬ácame on Tuesday afternoon/evening. I was kind of bummed about it. Just yesterday, I was chatting with a co-worker over coffee at Barnes and Noble when she mentioned that she'd... Continue Reading →

Another fruitless month.

Originally posted July 12, 2016. Today I am on CD 30 and 13 DPO. I have been feeling some odd cramps--very mild--today and also feeling very cranky and irritable. I am pretty confident I'm out of the running for a... Continue Reading →


Originally posted July 11, 2016. So, I tested AGAIN. This time on 10 DPO...another BFN (big fat negative). Not sure why I do this to myself. I guess the good thing is it shows I've not completely lost hope. So,... Continue Reading →

Patience isn’t one of my virtues.

Originally posted July 7, 2016. I am not sure if these TTC sites and apps are doing more harm than good or what. I was on my Glow app and was reading some of the board posts. A few ladies... Continue Reading →


Originally posted June 17, 2016. So, my birthday was this week. I'm now 31. It feels weird to say that... It's crazy how I always had ideas in my head of where I'd be at 30 or what my life... Continue Reading →

My awesome husband.

Originally posted on June 6, 2016. We painted "the nursery" last weekend. It just needs to be painted along the ceiling. It looks great so far. This cycle I deliberately decided to not baby-dance with the husband when I knew... Continue Reading →

Baby mojo.

Originally posted on May 27, 2016. It's been around 21 months since we started Operation Reproduction. Some women could've already had two babies and we don't yet have one... ­čśŽ We had a heart-breaking "almost". In March/April, we thought we... Continue Reading →

15 months and counting.

Originally posted on November 25, 2015. We've now been off the pill for almost 15 months. For the most part, I'm doing okay. I do have my days where it's hard on me though. The upcoming holidays make it particularly... Continue Reading →

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